The Weekend Was Short, But Very Long, and I Did Not Watch Any Lacrosse

Someone Cold, Someone Hot, Someone Messy, Someone Not (Also, So Sorry, Sad Seahawks).

Things that happened over the weekend:

The Seahawks lost in Round 2 of the playoffs. A heartbreaking nailbiter to Atlanta, 30-28 in the final seconds. Sad. It does, however, alleviate the challenge of being a 49ers fan in Hawks territory (woulda been looking at a Seattle-San Francisco match-up next week).

Suddenly, I'm sounding like I know something about the current state of professional football. I don't. My brothers give me a bad time, and tell others that if anyone needs to know about the NFL, NBA, or MLB from the years 1985-1995, then I'm their man. True. I am an idiot savante with those sports from that period, because they were important to me then. 

Maybe they will be important again. These days, I'm a little more interested in studying the design aesthetic of Saul Bass than I am in learning Kevin Durant's field goal percentage.

I might do some New Year's Goal stuff, maybe starting next month. Told Becca that something I really want to work on this year is learning video games. I don't really know anything about them, aside from having a student in one of my classes who is like a rockstar gamer (the kind that gets free stuff sent to him). I've learned a lot about what the current cool games are. Except now I can't think of any. Anyway, I might get addicted to video games this year. We'll see. I'll try. I don't know if I can totally get back into sports, and learn video games, in a hardcore way in the same year. 

Maybe I'll start by watching the Super Bowl. I think other people watch that, although I hardly understand the allure these days, considering that there's no Joe Montana, Steve Young, Roger Craig, or Jerry Rice. Or Tom Rathman, the greatest underrated fullback ever.

I'd like to learn lacrosse.


  1. Both my boys play lacrosse. Wish it had been available to me when i was in school. Awesome, awesome sport. All the violence of hockey, all the movement of basketball. With armor and polearms.

    1. Very cool! And great description of the sport.

  2. I am very excited at the possibility of you getting into video games. I suggest Tetris 2 on the original Nintendo or Mario Kart on the Wii - because I like those games and I have access to those games and systems. (I actually have 2 original Nintendos, so you can borrow one to practice on if you would like)

    I also know nothing about the current state of professional football. However, I imagine you and I could have an enjoyable time watching the Super Bowl - mostly the commercials - together! Wanna come over and watch it at our place? I imagine that it will be fine with Jonny.

    1. The only system I can think of that might be better than original Nintendo is the Atari 2600. I accept your invitation to compete. I must warn you that I plan on defeating you mercilessly.

      And I also look forward to watching Super Bowl commercials with you.


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