Oh, How the Children Love to Dance (the Ordinary Life, With Seasoning)

Children at play. If there is any question that I'm the luckiest guy in the world, than I think one glance at this image will settle the debate.

I'm not sure if our life is more musical theatre, or more circus, or more performance art, or more oddball school, but whatever it is...it is fun. And it is authentic. And I wouldn't trade Countess Becca for anyone, including a queen. Maybe a billion dollars, but definitely nothing less.

If you're a parent, permit me to give a little advice: Get off your feet. Wrestle. Dance. Move. Jump. Sometimes it's better to have a messy performance stage than a perfect living room.

I am grateful for cameras. Don't worry: I set it down after this and joined in the party. Sometimes you just know you gotta capture something magical in the moment to hang onto for a dreary day in the future.

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