Five Things About the Only First Day of the Only 2013 That Will Ever Exist In This Universe

I wish something bad would happen so I could call 9-1-1.

- Magdelana, 5

Sadly, her wish went unfulfilled.

A Visual Depiction of the Dynamic Range of Universal Emotions the World Will Experience Over the Coming Year.


It was a very windy day. 
Windy days do not make everyone cheerful.

Conversation with Johannes (2.5) at bedtime:

Daddy, is Superman real?

- Umm...well, who do you know that is real?

Batman? Hulk?

- Almost. Try one more.

You are real.

- Yep, that is correct. I am real. 

And owls are real.

- Yep, owls are real.

No, owls aren't real!

- Yep. Owls are real, Johannes.

Oh. And lights are real. Christmas lights are real. And Bob is real.

- Bob? You mean Bob your dolly? The one laying next to you in bed who's already sleeping, like you should be?

Yeah. Bob is real.

- Okay...are you pretending that Bob is real, like we pretend Superman is real?

Yeah. And drumsticks are real. They're for playing drums.

- Yep. 

Great-Grumpy with Children Reading Newspapers.

Things I did today:
- Made a pot of really good coffee and enjoyed a couple cups with my bride and sister-in-law.
- Weighed myself and remembered I forgot to exercise last year.
- Ate some creamy & delicious potato soup that my mother-in-law invented.
- Played a card game with my in-laws in which my attempts to cheat were foiled, and I lost, as usual, making the beginning of the year a very depressing one.
- Had the shower go cold halfway through, which leads me to suspect that the year ahead really will be horrid.
- Had a coffee date with Becca in order to make a list of resolutions and plan for the year ahead, and the primary thing we figured out is that we need to have many more coffee dates in order to figure things out.
- Am writing this while my wife is paying bills next to me.
- Looking forward to maybe - maybe - starting the Joseph-Gordon Levitt sci-fi thriller Looper this evening. Maybe.

We'll see. Hello, Twenty-Thirteen. I'll be around.

Song of the Day: Rose Rouge / St. Germaine

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