Family Self-Portrait With Our Newest Member: Everyone, Meet David.

Long Family Portrait, plus new friend David at Union Station in Portland
I am so tired of hearing stories about people being mean these days. We went and hung out at the train station because...well, why wouldn't we? This distinguished bohemian gentleman, David, began chatting with us, and I invited him to join us for a family picture. He did so, as you can see above, and we parted ways with giant smiles and good feelings.

Yes, there are bad people out there, I've heard (heard it many times). Which is why we are going to become friends with all the odd, fun, good strangers out there so we'll have some help and be a little bit safer if we should ever have to cross paths with the bad ones. 

We had so many delightful experiences making new friends across town this weekend. I will probably write about some of them extensively on the old blog tomorrow, should anyone feel like perusing. You will also get to meet a fascinating photographer named Erik, a policeman named Officer Rose, and a cool fella named Jason who gave me a tripod out of the clear blue.

Goodnight, and good fortune :)

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  1. LOVE! David looks like he fits in well! The strangers who are our friends...and no longer strangers! Thanks for the reminder. I look forward to meeting many more.


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