I just realized what happens tomorrow! Yep, if you guessed that the Long family is going to pull out our typewriters and construction helmets in the morning to shoot our first formal Christmas card picture, then you are correct! Also, there's the election thingy going tomorrow, so you should vote, I guess, which reminds me of a really good song I was listening to earlier by Hope of the States. It is from 2004 and is called Enemies/Friends.
Come on, people. Keep your friends close; Your enemies won't matter in the end.
It's strange, partially because it does an odd structural thing where the anthemic refrain doesn't kick in until three minutes along, and also presciently strange and timely because some version of the Civil War is going on at the Op Eds and airwaves these days and it's hard to imagine some of my friends being on speaking terms again with other friends, and I will not stop being friends with any of my friends based on their ballot preferences, unless a single one of them writes Donald Trump in, in which case I will immediately fire them as a friend.

Soon, life will continue and the sky will still be in the sky and IKEA will still sell inexpensively priced Scandinavian furniture and half of America will be happy and the other sixty percent will get to grumble a bit longer and then they'll just have to deal with it and get back to being friends with their friends and listening to some good music, like the one I was telling you about above (which quite possibly might be the Greatest Song Ever).

So I will drop my ballot off in the morning, and then maybe call my friends and make sure they know we're still friends, unless they voted for either of the Dons (Trumpy or King), and then we're gonna get out the construction hats and typewriters and take some pictures, which, as I stated before, is the main reason that tomorrow is a really big day.


Hope of the States
The Lost Riots

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