I Am Very Odd, She Says

We are driving, and the rain is flying down and the wipers are going and I catch Magdelana's eyes in the rear view mirror. I cannot envision a more mischievous smile.

Daddy, you're odd.

- Really? Thank you...umm, what do you mean?

I mean that you're odd. You're different from other people.

- Okay, thanks...would you explain a little more?

Well...you just do things different than other people.

- Do you have an example?

You build forts for us. Most people don't build forts, but you do. So you are odd.


And you take us exploring in the woods. Most people don't do that.

- Thank you. That is one of my favourite compliments ever.


Ever. Seriously, in ever's ever.

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  1. I agree, you are odd. It is a very good sort of odd... just as Magga has explained.

  2. I hope and pray that one day I'll get the same compliment from my child. You are so incredibly odd that I try to be more odd like you every day.

    Every day, seriously.

    1. Thank you...and when are you guys going to make me a nephew or niece?

  3. me thinks perhaps there was a silent "G" in front of that awe-filled utterance :)


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