When you are sad and the winter is coming and the days are dark, then you can just be sad and let everybody see how sad you are.

Or: you could write a story about being sad, or paint a picture in maroon paint that captures your sadness, or buy an accordion and try to play a sad song on it (impossible), or simply do what Justin Vernon (from Bon Iver) did: hole up in a cabin and record the Greatest

Song Ever; a ballad called Flume, and just stick all your sadness and melancholy and love and Americana-loving accoustic guitar into one haunting masterpiece.

Or, you could watch Ernest Saves Christmas three times in a row, which is like the cinematic opposite of anything Bon Iver has done thus far. You will not be sad after that. But my recommendation is to 

Make something, or 
Write something, or 
Create something. 

And then watch yerself some Ernest P. Worell.

Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago

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