Five Things

She shook me, and prodded me, and I groaned and rolled over and begged to sleep for two more minutes and she said No Daddy, you have to get up now. And I looked out the window at the darkness and thought She is her father's daughter. And I got up.

Fifteen minutes later, she looks up at me with five-year old mischief:

Daddy, why did you make us get up so early?


We went exploring in the woods this morning and drank hot chocolate out of mugs. She used a straw; I did not. Johannes refused to try any, because he was worried the hot chocolate was too hot. 

We did not see any horse snakes or wild hogs.

What do you want to listen to first today? I said.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! she yelled.

So I put on Cyndi Lauper, and then we listened to Chopin.

The Presidential election will be decided sometime next month, I think.

People are talking about it, I think.

On Facebook last night, I suggested that in lieu of a third debate, there could be a pillowfight.

That suggestion received a lot of support.

But I don't know that anything will come from it. I am guessing that Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney will stick with another debate.

What did you have for breakfast yesterday? I asked Magdelana.

She thought with purpose.

- We had...let's see...Mama fed us ice cream, and chicken, and beef, and pig. Yep. That's what we had for breakfast.

I can see that I need to have a conversation with my wife.


  1. I enjoyed it immensely! I felt like I was there, and I smiled.

  2. Ah, it takes me back to those sweet days.


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