Analog Pinterest

When I was younger, I loved to put together scrapbooks with various photographs, drawings, and clippings from the many magazines and newspapers I read. Rolling Stone. Spin. Time. Empire. USA Today. Q. Magnet. 

I have done a lot of reading, and as a result of that, have been inspired by a lot of people via those pre-Internet explorations. 

I'm a little afraid of Pinterest. It scares me because of the drug I think it could become. For me. I am a collector; somebody who collects ideas and inspirations from many sources. But I'm also a Producer, not just Consumer.  It is the Bottomless Well of Inspiration I am nervous about falling into. A cycle of finding and discovering so many things and ideas that are cool that it eats into the ability to dream up something original. Or perhaps it's more that it's time eating into the time available to simply Create.

I have a Pinterest account, but I haven't done anything with it. I probably will. I'm too curious not to. But I'm still nervous. 

And I still love holding a magazine. Not a magazine on an iPad. A real tree-made, not electrical-powered magazine, with cards and advertisements and staples that fall out. 

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