HOW IT ENDS (DeVotchKa).

To be under consideration for Perfection, a pop song should be in the three-to-four minute range.

Any longer, and it's usually self-indulgent excess.

But every rule has its exceptions. DeVotchKa's How It Ends takes an epic seven minutes to craft a masterful gypsy symphony full of heartache and break and love.

An elegiac, existential ode to life and approaching death. It is perfect, a perfect song.

The best ever.

How It Ends
How It Ends

NOTE: How It Ends is not on Spotify. So. Here's another great track by DeVotchKa, All the Sand in the Sea.

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  1. It also worked very well as a soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine.

    Only in hindsight do I realize that the theme of the song hints cleverly at the inevitable chaos in the final act (though the lyrics themselves weren't used during the movie).


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