Eleven and Out | Magdelana

An on-the-record conversation

What is one of your favorite things in the world to do?
Colour paper dolls.

What are some of your favorite books?
I kinda like Looki Pope and…Foh Foh and…

- are you making these names up?

Yep. And Popita. Those are my favorite stories.
Also, Charles Dickens, and Matilda, and The BFG.

What do you especially enjoy doing with your mother?
I like reading Little House on the Prairie with her. And watching Annabelle and Lily with her.

What are your favorite foods?
I like…lollipops. And strawberries. Not as much as grapes; I like grapes. I love grapes. I like them more than apples. But I like apples more than oranges. I don't care for oranges…actually, I like oranges better than bananas. Did you know that? Actually…no, I like bananas better than oranges. Oranges are my least favorite right now.

What qualities do you think make a good princess?

Strong and kind. And loving.

Where do you like to travel?
Indianapolis. My favorite part is going on airplanes. They're just so fun. I don't really care for toy airplanes, I just like real airplanes. When I see one, I wish I could be in one. I wish I could be in an airplane every day. Can we do that?


What are your favorite colors?
Pink and purple and green and gold and silver.

What do you enjoy doing with your little brother?
I like playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie with him. And looking at books. But mostly playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie.

What do you enjoy doing outside?
Running around.

What is your favorite music and what are your favorite songs to sing?
Kimya Dawson. And kid music.

- What is kid's music?

Well, when somebody turns it on, then I know. Hey Daddy, I'm tired of talking about this now. I'm getting frustrated.

- Okay. One more question?


What do your parents do for work, and what do you think you want to do when you grow up?

She is a dental hygienist, and you are a writer and a designer and a teacher.

- Wow, that's pretty good! I didn't know that you knew that!

And I want to be a ballerina. Because I think they're pretty, and I like how they dance.

- Okay, are you taking any ballerina classes now?

Daddy, you said one more question, and this is getting frustrating now, so I'm done talking about ballerinas.

Thank you, Miss Magdelana for letting me chat with you on the record.

Why are you saying that?

- Saying what?

Saying 'Thank you Miss Magdelana, for letting me chat on the record?' Because I did not do that.

- Do what?

I did not say anything about records, okay!

- Do you listen to records?

Yes, I do! You know that!

- What kind of records?

Growls. I laugh. 
- Heh heh.

What do you think you're laughing about?!

 - I'm laughing because I was trying to sneak in another question.

Why were you? That wasn't very nice…maybe you're right…hey! Johannes! Daddy, look! Johannes just destroyed something that I built with Legos! Isn't that unkind of him?

- He's a kid under construction.

What do you mean, 'kid under construction?'

- Hey! Now you're asking me all these questions!

- Yep. You've been asking me all these questions and now it's my turn to ask you all the questions. So, that's just how it is…

I fold up the computer. Goodnight, all. Big smile.

(excerpted from March 14)


  1. That kid. She is truly one of a kind.

    I love it beyond any and all words. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  2. I love the part where she asks if you can go on airplanes everyday. She is much more interesting than anybody Rolling Stone interviews... especially Adam Levine.


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