Dedicated Follower of Fashion

is about what other people like.
It is generally about wardrobe and accessories.
It has a lifespan, though revisions of the same trends usually cycle back every 20 years.
It has its place.

is about what you like.
It is, more than anything, about good posture
about creating ownership over your wardrobe, 
about knowing your jawline, 
     dressing in threads and colors that make you feel alive, and living with

               a kind spirit, 
               and a bold sense of curiosity.

It has no lifespan, though it might go through many iterations as your muse guides you.
(it doesn't have to though; look at Steve Jobs).

Nobody can take away your style, nobody, if you don't let 'em, once you got it.
It is yours.

So I've heard.

also, listen to the Kinks. Waterloo Sunset = of my favourite ballads ever.


  1. Amen. And you, my friend and brother, have style. So does your wife and daughter and son. Bold, original, sometimes simple, sometimes not. I like it.

    1. What a great compliment - thanks, sister! A great big whoppin' huge 'right back atcha.'

  2. I had to remove the first comment because it was inappropriate. Okay, no it wasn't. I had to correct something. My style is correct punctuation and grammar.

  3. You've definitely got it, Harold, as does JXIL. I love it immensely. It inspires and transcends time.

    1. Thanks J-Lee. You got it. Buckets of style.

  4. What if my style is BAD posture?

  5. He appears as though he's oblivious of the camera, but he knows exactly what he looks like. The angle of his face, the direction his sneakers are facing, the three necklaces he has on. He's studied this pose for weeks and now he is ready to apply it. Well played, Johannes. Well played.


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