Everybody Hurts (But Especially Me At the Moment, Due to Unbearable Pain That is Worse Than Anything That Anyone In the World Has Ever Experienced, But Fortunately I Am Quietly Being Brave and Resisting the Urge to Shriek)


Yes, Magdelana?

I have to go to the bathroom. Which bathroom do you think I should use?

How about...the blue bathroom.

Okay. I think I'll use the yellow bathroom. Thanks!

Everybody Hurts. R.E.M. 1992, off Automatic for the People. A very soft, beautiful, contemplative ballad that should never be listened to before 8pm.


  1. I wish I could take your back pain for you.

  2. I wish Jonny could take your back pain for you.

  3. When I was eight, and I chopped off the end of my finger in the Bosch blade helping Mom make apple pie, I remember her saying (on the way to the hospital),

    "I just wish it was me and not you,"

    and me thinking,

    "I wish that too."


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