Cool Morning Sun, Which Barely Peeps Through the Trees in Our Front Yard, Which I Never Pruned Last Year

My back is better, thanks to ice, heat, some sort of white pill Becca gave me, and managing to avoid further injury from my four-year old orangutan (name: Magdelana) who leaps on me (frequently unseen) every chance she gets. Thanks for all the cards and well wishes.

(There were none, but I'd like to think some of you thought about sending something, like chocolates, or cash).

Cool Morning Sun is a great dishwasher loading song by PDX psychrockers Vive Voce. It has nothing to do with doing dishes or other chores, but it makes me smile and think of Nancy Sinatra.

(Off 2011's optimistic The Future Will Destroy You. Obviously, they use a Mayan calendar.)

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