September the 30th (the sun pranced in for goodbye)

Johannes and I hung around Anthropologie for a bit. Checked out some books, jotted down some ideas for combining 2x4 sculptures with fabric, then hit the streets to smile at strangers, chase birds, and read more books at Powell's.
Lively cohort, conversationalist, and urban adventurer.

Books I have not read and people I have not yet met.

Just don't get chrome that looks like this.

Current listening: Joseph Arthur's Graduation Ceremony. Das Racist. Men Without Hats. Benny Goodman.

I love Portland's parking garages, though I hate to pay for parking in them.

We spotted an automobile, and felt strongly it was driven by somebody who smelled good.

Not an eagle.

Love them.

Love their beds.

Love her.

Like these placemats. We will probably make our own now.


  1. Nice. Wish I could have participated in your adventurous day. Next time. Thanks for the images.


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