Sunday Night Cinema

I don't remember what day it usually aired, but I clearly remember watching The Disney Sunday Night Movie when I was around ten years old. The B.R.A.T. Patrol. The North Avenue Irregulars. And...those are actually the only ones I remember. They were hosted by Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who was an interesting choice to be in front of the camera, in the sense of not being a very interesting person in front of the camera (I have heard that he nixed Tom Hanks as host - "too young").

We decided to start our own little Sunday night cinema ritual. Hot dogs, picnic spread, and Father of the Bride. We went with Steve Martin's 1991 version for one reason: we have a copy on VHS. Found it buried between my 8-tracks and typewriter ribbon. Woulda been nice to start with the Spencer Tracy original, but Steve does a splendid job as hapless 'father of the bride' George Banks. Reminds me so much - so much - of my dad sometimes.
Right then, I realized my day had passed. But not in the same way. I was no longer the man in my little girl's life. I was like an old shoe, the kind we manufacture...and get all excited about and then after a few years discontinue. She'll always love me, of course.  
Magdelana informed me a few days ago that "I am never getting married."
I said Okay. Why is that?
As she ran away to the forest, she shouted over her shoulder,
"Silly, I'm going to live with you and Mama forever!"
I will probably be a little more George Banks than I think...someday. And a little more like my dad. Funny how those things work.


  1. Such a phenomenal writer. Rituals/traditions are important. Love your style, brother.

  2. Love it, man. Great tradition to start.

  3. "I'm going to live with you and Mama forever!"

    You're going to hold her to that, right?

  4. Oh my. I can't get over how intelligent Magdelana is.. And she is so hilarious! I believe at one point, maybe a year ago, I also told my parents I was going to live with them forever. Surprise, surprise, Jonny! Hehe! No, but seriously. I said that at one point. I think most fathers are like George Banks, they just aren't always vocal about it. I might just have to start a Sunday Night Movie too. Or maybe Monday night... to cheer myself up after starting the school week again. One more thing, I love your writing.

  5. Seriously? I'm crying at work now! Thanks, Joseph.

    p.s. I LOVED Disney Sunday night movies. One of my favorites was the North Ave. movie. My sister and I still quote it.


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