If You See the Third One, You've Gone Too Far

I love your scarf! Where did you get it?

Oh, thank you. I got it at Costco.

How much was it?

It's about a...size four, or size five. That's about what I wear right now.    
         I'm four now.

Sweet. How much did it cost?

About, umm, one dollar.

Not bad! I'll have to pick one up.

Actually, it was two dollars.

Well, that's still a pretty good deal.

Actually, it was three dollars.

Uhh...that's starting to get a little spendy.

Okay. It was only two dollars.

I can handle that. How do I get to Costco from here?

Let's see...first you take a left, then you go north. Then there there are 
         two apple trees. Just turn after the second apple tree, and there Costco is.


  1. Oh! I will go. I will pick one up, too. Two dollars. Good price. It will be worth it. Maybe we will match. Maybe I'll pick some apples on the way.

  2. Love the directions. Crystal clear, thanks Magdelana!


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