All the Things

The corner of Powell's Books sneaks out behind a row of
parked vehicles. I try not to think
of all the books I will die not having read.
I am now thinking about it.

Likely, I will never finish The Scarlet Letter.
I like the underlying themes more than the
book itself. The prose is heavy.

The sky is blue,
I am nestled under shade
in our automobile in a northwest
nook of Portland.

Windows cracked, breeze and bicycle wheels scoring my
sweaty children slumbering 
in back.

 I have never watched Gone With the Wind.
I am tired, to think about four hours spent leading
up to "Frankly my dear..."
Maybe I will watch it, after everything else I need to see:

Kurosawa + Truffaut + every Sesame Street episode ever 

Realistically, I will never watch Gone With the Wind.
Georgia though. I really need to visit Georgia. Savannah.
Next year, next year we will holiday in Savannah, 
if the timing is right. Which it likely will not be.

I am glad I didn't know the ending before I saw The Sixth Sense. 
I wish I could see The Game for the first time again. 
That's impossible though, if I remember correctly.

There is a noodle company down the block.
It is called "Noodle Company."
Or maybe it's "Noodle & Company."
I wonder if I will ever eat there.
It is a possibility, a slight one. 

It is likely that I will never eat at 
Outback Steakhouse. It is also likely that
I will spend little time in seafood restaurants.
I do not eat seafood, and it is a general assumption
that I could get a better salad elsewhere.

I like George Orwell. I like his precision.
I understand that BMW makes precision motorcycles.
Perhaps I will purchase one, someday.
Likely not though.

There are many bicyclists whizzing past my window.
I like bikes, especially ones with three wheels.
Maybe someday I will invent a bicycle with just 


There's a strong chance I won't though.

I see a lot of spandex-clad bottoms hurtling past.
On Thursday, I saw a lot of spandex-clad bottoms.
At a concert, an of Montreal concert that
was music and ballet and theater and Ringling Brothers.

Maybe I should become a rock and roll star.
First, I should get in better shape,
for the spandex, and maybe
learn an instrument.

I'm going to do it tomorrow, for sure.

Today is a nice day to listen to the bicycles.


  1. Random & lovely.
    Thank you for the chuckle.

    This was my favorite part: "I see a lot of spandex-clad bottoms hurtling past."

    Jonathan approves too. He says, "If I were more effeminate, I would say this is fabulous! Which I guess I just did. Hmmm...."

  2. P.S. Jonathan & I just saw Gone With the Wind for the first time. Jonathan says he watched it to cross it off his list & will not watch it again. I did find it of more value and of more depth than I expected, especially in regard to history. I can't say that I predict I will see it again either. But maybe.

  3. You are such a tremendous writer. You are to writing what George Orwell was to the aeronautics industry. I love your style, and wit. You make me laugh, like when you used to sit on top of me and make me name ten brands of cereal while pelting my chest with that unanticipated rock like finger.

  4. Thank you, Jennifer...and Jonathan. I accept that you found it fabulous!

    Gone With the Wind...we'll see. Maybe I'll knock off a first viewing during Monopoly or something similar...

    Jonny: Orwell, eh? I accept your compliment, and your analogy to one of aerospace's great pioneers.


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