Been saying this for half a decade: breast milk will someday be the next fashionable health trend for adults. Breast boutiques where you can skip the half-and-half and order your skinny latte with an extra pump of Mum's Milk. 

Call me Nostradamus. It has begun. A London restaurant is selling ice cream made of human breast milk. It's called
Baby Gaga, comes with a wafer, and is donated by a 35-year old named Victoria. £14 a pop. It is organic.

 at Digital Journal. Enjoy. Better go check on Johannes now. I hear him trying to cop a free drink...


  1. I can attest to this, you most certainly have been predicting this for years.

  2. Until now I thought I was brilliant for my great coffee stand idea featuring "Monica Mocha's", "Linda Lates", "Brenda's Breves" etc. etc. using bonafide breast-milk. dang. Now how am I ever going to retire?


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