Japan. Sweden. India. More and more countries are recognizing at a governmental and corporate level the importance of fathers being involved in their children's upbringing.

Neat little piece from several months ago on Reuters. (excerpt below)


A relatively new, and so far small, group of prominent stay-home dads who put their career on hold to look after their children have been making headlines.

Japan’s so-called “Iku-men” – a play on the Japanese word for child-rearing, “iku-ji” – include the mayor of Tokyo’s Bunkyo ward...


I have a small business and I have a small family. Frequently, the lines between the two are non-existent. Sometimes, my children need to come with me to class when I'm teaching, or accompany me on work-related outings. I smile, and do not apologize. 

My dad used to take me with him to dental school classes. I was two. Thanks Dad. Good example. I will try to be a good one too.

photograph: 1978

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