December 02

We did not make magic. But we had a jolly time, swing-dancing with trio of twin blades as we scissored our way to crafting lopsided snowflakes out of old magazines and recycled paper. Johannes reclined in his boppy alongside and jangled his chubby legs arhythmically to the holiday beatchops of Low, Doris Day, and Sufjan Stevens.
Also, we watched the beginning of Elf, which we have been telling Magdelana about for weeks. She giggled (following our lead) and we all cheered as Buddy proudly adventured his way to New York City to find his father...

...a reminder again about the Joy of Rediscovery that comes with being in the company of someone discovering something old for the first time. Sometimes, Discoveries are simply little tiny nonsensical experiences, like watching a magical Christmas movie for the first time. A great thing about being a parent: you get to rediscover all those little "first times" that started to lose their meaning after years of overexposure.

As I said, we made magic.

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