We Heart Jack

Starting to navigate around the old iMac, though her understanding of Javascript and Ajax are BASIC (to say the least). But she's learning. The important thing is that she not treat it casually, as just a "fun thing."

Of course the other important thing is that she remains disciplined about learning these life skills; that she not get overly comfortable just playing. She's over three years old! If she doesn't learn Chinese now, or small engine repair, or the constellations in Latin, or how to count to a billion, then how will she ever be happy? I mean successful?

An appointment with the pediatrician this afternoon. All did not go smoothly. There were needles, and intense levels of non-melodic voices in disharmony. Afterwards, I hustled Magdelana outside while Johanni finished up with Becca and the Doc.

Mags, what would help you feel better? I asked. 


Shall we take a walk? Do you want a cookie? Can I hold you?

Hiccup sobs.

Is there anything that would help you feel better?

Head lifts off my shoulder, slightly. Brushes damp hair off forehead. Can we listen to music in the car?

Of course, I said. Is there anything special you would like to listen to?

Chest heaving still, but heartbeat starting to slow, muffled tears receding, quivering voice. Do we have any Jack Johnson?

So we went to the car, and cranked Jack Johnson to 11, and chuckled as people peered in at the weirdos listening to Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer in September.

And when Becca and Johannes got in, we all chuckled even more, and came home and baked chocolate chip cookies.

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