Magdelana, with no context, informed Becca this evening, that

"You are the prettiest girl in the whole world, ever!"

It was so sweet.

And she said something really sweet to me this morning too - let me see if I can remember. Oh yes -

"Daddy, we're going to get rid of you when you get old and dirty."


  1. Hee Hee!! That is funny... but also very sad. This just shows what you have effectively taught Magdelana: her mother is beautiful and un-useful things, like litter (or you when you are old and dirty), should be thrown away. Good thing it will be a loooonnnnnggggg time before you are either dirty or old, so hopefully you can change her mind about getting rid of you by then.

  2. I have also emphasized the importance of recycling and repurposing, so perhaps I should be turned into something (else) useful at that point.


    She did, however, inform me that "you are the most handsome boy in my life ever" today.


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