Becca & Jeremy's DJ-ing for my birthday included:
1. Muse "Our Time Is Running Out"
2. Jeremy M. Long "A Love Ballad To My Brother." Although I was not the brother he wrote the song for. Funny? Kind of.
3. Eminem "When the Music Stops."
4. Kimya Dawson "Panda Bear."
5. Franz Ferdinand "Come On Home."
6. The Strokes "12:51."
7. Johnny Cash "One Piece At a Time."
8. Colorblind Soldiers "Fallen."
9. Air "Sexy Boy."
10. Dropkick Murphys "Fields of Athenry."
11. M. Ward "To Go Home."

And then I have been listening to Neil Young's "Living With War" all evening.

And we also had a great listen of Axel belting out "November Rain" a few months early.

Jeremy left this on my Facebook wall. I love it.

Sly and beautiful, an enigma to the mind.
Philosopher of all kinds.
Bonded by blood, broken by nothing.
Big brother... You're really... Something?

... I don't loath you. Hope you had a content birthday.


It was a good day. I am content.

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