Untitled, and Mohammed Obama

I was away all day. I returned to three cheerful faces in the driveway, waiting to pick blueberries outside.

We did so. And then began watching The Sound of Music. It struck me that this is a sister-cousin to my favourite film ever, Amelie, which most likely will be the name of our next girl.  It is difficult to have a sour outlook on life after viewing either of these movies.

I have been singing Do-Re-Mi frequently to Johannes. He is impressed.

Becca completed her tour of duty as Juror #13. I have been calling her Miss Justice. Without her for deliberations, they were unable to reach a verdict. It pays ten dollars a day, so I suggested she look into picking up some future Justice Gigs.

So, we have people dying from floods in Pakistan, fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, losing their jobs here, and still have one-in-five people here more concerned that President Obama may secretly be a Muslim?

We will try to arm our children with the ability to critically think.

Much as I enjoy detaching myself from reality, I still like to think I have self-awareness that I am choosing to do so, rather than deluding myself that a convenient political tactic is actually truth.

Julie Andrews for Congress.

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  1. Yes, I second that.... Julie Andrews for congress!

    One of my top 5 favorite childhood movies. Love watching it now with the girls.


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