Holiday Past

Just returned from a super holiday to Idaho.

Magdelana had a rotten time.

Refreshed some friends. The lovely Blakes were a delightful presence. Although I am disgruntled that Geoff's dad Chris, author of Searching for a God to Love, referred to me in a family note as "Thomas." My name is not Thomas.

He is a studly stud though. I will be disgruntled, but will also forgive him. I think he says something in his book somewhere about forgiveness being good. However, I will now refer to him as "Franklin," until he denounces his error. So thank you for the wonderful cafeteria conversations this week, Mr. Franklin Blake.

Sincerely, Joseph "Thomas" Long.

My Swedish bride, six weeks post-child. I adore her slightly.

Johannes X and his pop. I am also six weeks post-child and in excellent shape too.

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