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It is late. But fortunately I have help.

It is now Magdelana's birthday. Her birth certificate says she will be tres, though she insists she is turning four.

All she wants for her birthday is an Octopus.

Octopus is not the vernacular for some hip new stuffed toy, or little road racer. She wants, quite literally, an Octopus. As in the eight-armed cephalopod that lives in the deep sea.

We have also been trying to ascertain what sort of special dessert she might enjoy.

Shall we bake a cake for your birthday?

- No! I just want to eat an octopus for my birthday.

Later, she requested chips and hummus, and asked that we not celebrate with strangers. She has developed some interesting and strong opinions about birthdays. I am intrigued just how those strong notions have developed in her mind.

above: one year ago (July 2009)
photograph: Josef Long

Not even three years old, and she is one of the great conversationalists in the galaxy.

I'm all done eating, Dodes. she informed me at supper.

Uhh, no, I want you to eat three more bites of tomatoes, Mags.
- Why? Why Dodes?

Because tomatoes have antioxidants, and they help make you healthy and strong.

- Oh yeah. But some things don't make you healthy and strong. Like cigarettes and littering

Absolutely correct.

Gotta go. See what mollusks I can find on Portland Craigslist...

roadside pit stop in East Portland.

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  1. Happy birthday to Magdelana!

    Natalie wants to wish her a happy day too, although she was incredulous that Maggie's birthday could not be "at bedtime." (My bad for not mentioning it until then...)

    Hope she gets her Octopus.


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