But Why Don't We Live in New York City, Why?

Yesterday, the sun was out. So Magdelana and I stepped out the front door, intending to meander for a short stroll.

Forty-five minutes later, we were a third of the way down the mountain. Just got busy talking, and collecting roadside treasures. So we just kept going. She stuffed eight pounds or so of rocks and fauna into my pocket ("these are presents for Mama"). And we walked, and walked, and walked some more, and one of us occasionally rode on the other's shoulders.

I love our conversations. We were talking about different places we want to travel. Wouldn't it be fun to visit New York City sometime soon? I said.

Why don't we live there now? she asked. Why? Why? Why don't we live in New York City now?

Because, uhh, we chose to live here, I stumbled.

But why?

Suddenly, we burst down into the city of Washougal, 4.7 miles later. And surprised Becca at Safeway on her way home. And we all drove up the mountain together. A perfectly rotten day, as you can tell.

But why? Why don't we live in New York City?

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