Addition 4.0

It is bittersweet, as Becca and I lay on the couch and discuss names for our imminently-arriving little boy. Bittersweet in the sense that our Reign of Three draws to a close. We have had such a wonderful time with Magdelana for almost three years now.

And we will have many more good times ahead....only with a Little Boy in the gang too. And we will love it.

It is so difficult to fathom a child as enjoyable, and as fun as Magdelana.
Also: raced over The Pass for emergency dental treatment today from the World's Greatest Dentist - Dr. Lee C. Long. Unplanned, but some quiet moments of travel with just me, Townes Van Zandt, and Johnny Cash.


  1. Nice you could see your dad today, on Father's Day. Sorry for whatever dental drama made it emergent.

    It's a special thing -- those years with just your firstborn. Magical times. Things just get more magical with the second. It's so amazing to see the bond form between siblings.

  2. thanks for the positive note - I am quite excited to see them in action together.

    hi to the girls!


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