Sewing Ginger

Magdelana and I have been learning to sew.
This is Ginger. The first doll born of our efforts.

Our creative partnership is a model of inefficiency and great joy. Magdelana carefully assists in the pre-sew measuring, pinning, and cutting. When we begin on the machine, she serves as executive producer (seat of honor: my lap) as we carefully guide the fabric underneath the presser foot/needle. She is the undisputed master of the backstitch button, and asks six times a minute if it is time to do so yet. Occasionally, when it becomes temporarily unexciting, she will search out a better vantage point. Such as my shoulders, which then becomes an exercise in extreme sewing.

We also have a few other items we have been creating, and perhaps we will share with the universe sometime. For now, here is Ginger.

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