october 18.
10.20 am.

Yesterday, P.M.: potluck at Kailua was amazing. Am having daydreams about my piled plate, nary a poor entree on it. wow.

Lanikai Beach, where we met the Worleys.
(later: "Hey, that's my friend Colton!" when she saw the picture on ******'s phone)

Magdelana is loving the ocean. We frolicked and splashed and avoided little stinging blue jellyfish, while the others chatted and Colton tromped around in his hat and Magdelana's green crocs.

I Love You Man last night, acccompanied by a delicious four-ingredient noodle casserole.

By his own admission, ****** is not a film person. I use "film" as an inclusive umbrella for film, movies, and television. That is unfortunate, as it is a major bonding ritual for our family. He is, however, a major sports fan and fantasy football player. I will be starting a required viewing list for him that I will dose heavily with classic sports films to begin luring him in.


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