october 16.
7.45 am.

Sunlight streaming through, bagels and coffee and Magdelana on the floor, obsessively protecting her injury from last evening: a scrape on her knee, earned from a trip on the concrete overlooking "the Blowhole." we are in Brendan's pad, in Kailua, a medium walk from the warm ocean whose breeze and salt I feel even now.

Costco trip and pizza last night. Oh, and Magsley's solo field trip with Aunty Leanna, to work. Where she did not say "hi." To anyone.

Her hair is Tina Turner and her disposition is giddy surprise kisser.


  1. That's unfortunate. Poor Maggie. 7:45? That's right when I called. Love the post, keep the pics/stories coming please! Love ya Frankurt.

  2. Frankurt? or Frankfurt? both kind of special, I suppose.


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