Very Long Media is producing a 60-minute documentary about modern Parenting. In the United States of America. Its working title and tagline is 44: a Bohemian Family's Early Days of Childrening.

It is a series of thematically- and narratively-connected vignettes and is a stylized blend of live action video and illustration/animation, liberally interpreted and imagined. Reality plus a little more. It deals with the change in Identity that takes place after Parenthood. In this case, the timespan from Pre-Conception to Year 1.5.

44 follows in the footsteps of 2006's critically-recognized and award-winning documentary I Am the Longs, about the exploits of a seven-sibling family, and 2004's insightful short documentary, Jim & Bobby, about an estranged father and son.

We are aiming for an early June release. Keep you posted.

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