Punchline of Unkie Metal Bobby

Her sense of humor continues to evolve. I suppose welcoming my daughter with a "Hi! Give Dad a big kiss!" and flying her over my head was not the brightest idea, particularly after a lengthy breakfast.* Being the butt of a joke is never the optimal position, but I have to admit I was rather proud that she displayed such a sophisticated sense of comedic timing. Buster and Charlie woulda been proud.

The quizzical look on her face might be the result of my having to shriek at her. Something I hate to do, but have to do with some regularity. Shrieking is quite underrated. Try it.


Uncle Bobby, or "Unkie Bobby," as she likes to call him. Though technically it's a child-of-a-cousin thing, which would make her his, uhh, ... oh forget it.

Uncle Bobby.

More on last weekend later.

Bobby is heavily recruiting her for his side project, an experimental death-klezmer sextet featuring kazoos, rattles and shop equipment.

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