Vomitus Exitus

Yes, that is vomit on Becca's shirt. Or spitup, as we euphemistically refer to the liquid substance that babies-on-the-boob extricate daintily.

Becca was furious, as is evident.

M discovered her hands yesterday. Stared them for several minutes, waggling them around, found it very entertaining. As did we.

Her cry is sounding so grown-up the past few days. Less and less walrus, more and more goat. Starting to get the whine-thing down. Extremely cute.

Every once in a while you stumble across an invention where you think to yerself Wow, whoever invented that really deserved to hit it big. The Hooter Hider would be one of those inventions. What a stylish, functional accessory. I have been begging Becca to continue wearing it as a cape after Maggie's finished with the milking thing.

Seriously, it is just such a hot accessory. When Becc wears her red boots, sassy smile, and Hooter Hider cape...whew.

Magslie has got one hot mum.

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