Three Month Update

I remember reading that a three-month old has more in common with an adult than with a newborn.

Now I understand.

(note: this post was started on the 9th)

Today marks Magdelana's three-month mark. Hard to believe how fast our little girl grew up. Seems like just yesterday she was an inarticulate infant.

And now she's smiling, spitting, holding her neck up, drooling, squawking, pooping, and playing the piano all by herself. Wow.

Today she graduated to size 2 diapers. Small step for her, big step for us doing less laundry as a result of defiled clothing.

Also today: was feeding her boob milk from the bottle, as is customary when Mum is not in the vicinity. Magsley was not thrilled with my handling of her bottle, so decided to take action. Thrust my hand aside, grasped the tubular container with all ten intertwined chubby fingers, and proceeded to chug the rest of her lunch down, followed by a very self-satisfied smug grin in her Dad's face (i.e. Me), and a soprano-ish delicate belch of digestive delight. Very, uhh, startling.

Whimpering infant cry is turning into larynx-scraping shriek, on occasion.

Bishop Allen
Joseph Arthur
Peter, Paul & Mary | along with Mum's sing-a-long verbatim at 5:30 in the a.m.
Chicks on Speed | No they do not have a kiddie album but she loves the beats. and so do I. In 'yo face.

Goodnight Moon

Happy Baby ABCs
Farm Animals
the Monty Python Official Scrapbook
Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs | excerpts only

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