Very, very busy.

But life is very, very good.


1. Loves to stand up every chance she gets.
2.Difficult to tell yet whether she'll be a true lefty or not. Becca and I are crossing our fingers, just hoping we have a southpaw on our hands. When I say we, I mean me. Apparently Magsley's buddy Dylan, senior by over a year, is showing signs of favoritism with the left hand. I'm just hoping it will rub off on her. We can all hope. And pray.
3. I have been trying my whole life to be a lefty. I secretly wanted to break my right arm when I was younger, like Bob Cousy, so I would be forced to use only my left. Unfortunately I was a little too cowardly to ever break it intentionally, and (also unfortunately) I never had it happen by accident either. So here I am, pretty much a southpaw in a rightie's body.
4. As of last week, Magdelana has figured out how to jam her fist into her mouth. Answer to everybody's question: BOTH fists. Which means she's probably ambidextrous.

YES! I knew it.

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