Lanessa + Henry

Bit of a controversy brewing over Lanessa's continued referral to her niece as "Henry."Henry was the name given to the being in Becca's belly before we knew the gender.* This name was appointed by Becca's grandfather, Grandpa Vic, and received considerable use up until the ultrasound. Lanessa, however, kept up the nomenclature, and has received censure from a certain twerp brother of hers for still using it.
It should be noted she bounces between Henry and Maggie.

It should also be noted that this is the girl who has been faithfully writing to Magdelana every single night for the past several months. My rulebook says that earns you a Suez Canal-size exception in the nickname department.


*her father knew all along. seriously.

Mr. Charlie Parker

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  1. We are having so much fun now, i am so excited for more fun that is going to be happening in the future, also she will remember it then. take care Joey, Henri and Becca, With Love, Lanessa...and Onti Nessy to Henri


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