Jonny and Exultant Firsts.

I want to be a person people are ecstatic to share their good news with.

The exultation on Jonny's face yesterday at finally seeing his niece for the first time: even the greatest actor in the world* could not fake that depth of emotion.

Dylan unplugging, or the Sox kidney-punching karma en route to the Series, or that Galileean jogging on water: moments in history you'd love to be a part of.

Yeah, it was very neat to see Magdelana meet up with Speedo-gospelizing Uncle Jonny. Although she saves her most joyful shrieks to share with her dad at 3am, it was evident from her squawking and gleeful grunting that they will be quite the buddies for some time to come.

Jonny is quite anxious to teach her martial arts, although he knows none himself.

Magdelana Snippets over the last week:

new favorite activity as of last Monday: showers. hilarious. so much fun.
music: loving Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Bach and Silversun Pickups. still not caring for Charlie Parker.
started French on CD. French? Couldn't find our Norwegian, German, or Mandarin audio classes
first bottle this evening. same course, different presentation, chugged it like a Dublin thug.

*Martin Short

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