Hippety, and the Essence of Gertrude Stein

As I was dancing my way around the living room with M, listening to Moonlight Sonata for the 7000th time of my existence, I had two thoughts about parenthood. Two rights you renounce, or perhaps attitudes/behaviors you deprioritize. Or should, if your kid's well-being is is atop the Important Things in Life list.

1. You lose the right to be self-destructive. Out: BASE jumping (for a while anyway), John Daniels for breakfast, passing on blind spots, not flossing daily.

2. You lose the right to (try to) be hip. Not that it's troubled me greatly since around age 16 (at which point I had already tried, and failed mightily, though I still think my twin obsessions with Queensryche and Paula Abdul the Musician should qualify me for some pre-ironic hipster cred. Anyway. These thoughts were spurred by oversaturated memories of Moonlight Sonata. A beautifully ferocious little ditty, but one that Ludwig himself probably tired of after hearing over and over and over. And over.

But is M.S. a poor piece of music because I've heard it too much? No! Does my daughter lose the right to enjoy a beautiful composition because I'm tired of it? No! One of the elusive characteristics of hip is its ability to shift and jive and stay on the forefront of what's new and fresh and different. But I have a child now who doesn't know anything aside from how to eat, sleep, and make simultaneous body noises from different exit points. She hasn't experienced any of the art or music I have and she deserves to, regardless of how unexcited I might be at the prospect of wading through drivel again. Are we going to listen to Charlie Parker, Anna Oxygen, and the Dropkick Murphys? (i.e. what I like now?) Yes. Are we going to listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks, Kids Praise Sing, and Für Elise? (i.e. what's not at the top of my chosen playlist?) Uhhh, yesss. And it's all gonna be worth when it brings THAT smile (see below image).

There is a freedom and joy in rediscovery. Flight from hipness is very hip. Gertrude Stein said that, or me did.

We are having such a grand time.

Gute nacht.

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  1. hey, just something interesting, beethoven's moonlight sonata has 3 movements, and the last 2 sound very different from just the original moonlight sonata, I need to burn miss m and cd, will include this, unless you have heard the other 2 movements, umm some other fun classical: vivaldi, ravel, debussy, mozart and tchaikovsky, rachmaninoff (kinda intense) oh and bach. schumann too, some fun piano stuff and chopin. how all is going well!


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