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This dress + hat was handmade by DeeAnna Dennis. Amazing. Magdelana's pleasure is evident. Very cool.

Loves showers. Loves to dine. Loves to dine in the shower. What a life.

Pet Peeve Notes:
1 | people who list pet peeves. so juvenile.
2 | people asking if "she's good." what do you mean, is she good? she's seven weeks old! when she's hungry, she cries. when she wants her diaper changed, she cries. when she feels like crying, she cries. there is not one second of her existence that I have not enjoyed, nor has there been a millisecond when I would describe her as "not good."
3 | I refuse to acknowledge whether or not I have ever asked another parent that question.

Loves music. Band of Horses, Beethoven, Duke Ellington, Donovan, her dad. Loves to be sung to.

Post-delivery, the only song I could think to sing on the car ride home was "Tomorrow." The adorable little orphan song from Annie. After seven weeks I still only know about two lines, but I hum/rap/sing that couplet to Maggie about 30 times a day and she seems to dig it.

Prime time: 7-10 am. Been smiling a lot. Huge. Quite the comedian. Favorite trick: (note: also only trick): pooping 20 seconds after diaper has been changed and entire new clean outfit has been dutifully buttoned up.

Have to mention a quick something about my buddy Chad up in Puyallup. Only met him last week actually, but when three hours of intense A-Z music conversation melts away like mint chocolate chip on a sugarcone, you know you got something special. Evening's end found ourselves parting with a handshake, a hug, and a new buddy. And in my case, a new unreleased press of Grand Archives, which freaking ROCKS! In a very quiet, melancholy way that is reminiscent of early-R.E.M.

Have to go.

Grand Archives EP
Donovan Pied Piper
Albert Hammond Yours To Keep
How to Learn French

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