34 Years

Lee + Sue on their wedding day. Somehow this seemed more appropriate than my father's favorite wedding night photo.
Life on the open road. Magdelana took her first trip to the Oregon Coast this week past while I was shooting. Major highlight was rocking out with the Colorblind Soldiers. She is quite enamored of their music, which is good because they don't suck anymore.

Seriously, they are starting to sound pretty freaking good. The adventurous stripped-down rock&roll of Spoon coupled with occasional intervals into Muse bombast, and perhaps iced with the intense DIY of the Moldy Peaches. More on CBS later.

Today, M's grandparents have been married 34 years. Which is good. Because if they hadn't gotten hitched and spawned Joseph (me), then she wouldn't be here today. She's immensely fortunate to have them in her life, and enjoys expressing her love by spitting up and projectile-pooping on them.

Silversun Pickups
Optimus Rhyme

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