M's first zoo trip last weekend. She had a grand time, other than slumbering through five-eighths of it. Coincidentally, we shared the same favourite animals: hippos, turtles, orangutans, baboons, tusk boars, fruit bats, and her mom, the latter whom she was fond of shrieking for in a voice that is reminiscent of a hoarse walrus dueting with Bonnie Tyler*. Odd though it may sound, it is music. I love her voice. Shrieking, crying, laughing, burping, and especially hiccuping.

She is so incredibly, hilariously fun.

*Fact: Bonnie Tyler is the singer behind the greatest sing-a-long song ever, Holding Out for a Hero (coincidentally, also the Greatest Song Ever). Every time I hear it regardless of where I am, I lurch for the nearest hairbrush, throw back the hair, and lip-synch like there's no tomorrow, except there is one because we're waiting for a hero.

*Note: there will be more zoo pictures. A priceless shot of mating turtles will be appearing soon. It's obvious once you see it that humans are not the only species who take pleasure in coupling rituals. The look on old Phillip's face...priceless (Phillip is the amorous shellback mounted atop his playmate).

Bonnie Tyler
Holding Out for a Hero
Footloose soundtrack

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