Guest Blog: On Her Way by Uncle Jeremy

I've hardly blinked an eye for the past 3 nights. Maybe even four-5-6-7. She was supposed to come on 7-7-7, the day "Transformers" came out, but for some odd reason decided to wait a couple days... because I told her to of course, but for some other reason, too. I also noticed I said "she", that's quite complicated. You see, we've received news that she could be a boy. Or a girl. It's not for sure yet, my dad always told me ultra sound was like global warming, a complete hoax. And I believe my dad. ALWAYS. So the reason I said "she" was because I'd rather call him a "she" if she turns out to be a "he" than call him an "it" if she turns out to be a boy. That last sentence has brought us to one conclusion (us meaning whoever reads this and me), he is not an it. So don't call her that alright?

RANDOM points to be made:

Josef and I have been working really hard on her room.

Jonny is in Brasil.

Josh is in Alaska.

Jamey is in Italy.

I am here, as close to the delivery room as I can, which just so coincidentally happens to fall in the place of the TV room. Who do you think is gonna be her favorite uncle?

Leanna is in California

Lanessa is at Big Lake.

It's a toss up...?

This is Uncle General Jeremy from as close to the delivery room I can get. Until next time... I'm out.

"What Josef?! She's.. 's--wha..??" I gotta jet.. oh my goodness, she's comin guys...


  1. Okay, this post was very good until a certain point. Jeremy that little pill, how is he such a good writer. It's so bad yet so good. I have to respect that.

  2. I can only guess what 'certain point' Jonny's referring to.


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