New Assistant

Wasn't sure how I'd be able to get any work done once M came along.

My fears were groundless.

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  1. Okay, I just want to make sure I have an opportunity to regain my status as "Assistant to the President" or "Assistant to the Manager" when I get back. I kind of feel as though big M-Ster is trying to steal my spotlight. I will need to talk to her about that. Along with that I will need to come up with a list of things I forbid her to try to take from me. If it were a vote left to others to decide between her and I she would obviously win because of obvious reasons, such as people feeling sorry for her becuase I'm obviously better looking. Anyways, I will discuss all of this with her when I get back. Until next time.
    Uncle Jonny

    P.S. She is quite the cute little thing. I might like to hold her when I get back.


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