Magdelana Deluca Long.

Spell it right.

That's it.

We will save Amélie for later...


  1. Yeah!! I don't have to call her "untitled" anymore:-) I like her name. It grows on you:-) So, how do you feel about the nicknames Magpie? Mags? Maggers? Maggie? Lena? Dalena? Dolly? MGD? That's all I can think of right now. My mom chose my name because of all the possible nicknames she could use. Unfortunately Poder Odor was never considered and seems to have stuck-at least from my brother. -
    G'night! Jodthebod

  2. fairly sure that any derivatives of Magdalena are out of our hands. so let's see what ya got.

    anything particularly striking to you?

    i'll probably go with
    1. magdalena
    2. maggie
    3. dalena

    we'll see. probably also go back to "Daughter" frequently.


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