Miss Untitled

We've decided to give Daughter a name. What name? Stay tuned. Ha.


:Becca's mouth. My nose. Becca's hair colour. My ears. Becca's butt.

:Becca has become surprisingly enchanted with her. Last night, Daughter, in a complete violation of personal space boundaries, was nuzzling Becca's cheek, sucking at it like Veruca Salt working an Everlasting Gobstopper. And Becca LET her. It appears that Mum is actually a bit fond of the Toothead. Quite the duo.

:Not of major concern, but developmentally she's not enunciating her vowels clearly at all.

:Currently she is residing in my lap while I write. Her eyes occasionally wink scowlingly at me as my fingers salsa across the keyboard. Sometimes I think she's SPYING on me. Which fills me with JOY. She really, really likes me.

Pictures soon.

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  1. beccas butt? thats great, tell the little Henri/henry/ Magda/ Magdenella I said hello, and Becca Love you!


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