Guest Blog : Uncle General Jeremy

I am now an official uncle. Yes, call me Uncle General Jeremy. She was born about 44 minutes ago and I'm just waiting to see her. Her dad won't give any details as of yet so as you can see the suspense is building quite abruptly. Only do I wonder about her physical build though, we already have the mental part. Yes, we have bonded before, I would tell her stories of great adventures and she would knee her mom in the stomache (which was a form of telling me to continue). I love my niece already. Don't don't call her an "it" though, that bothers me. For instance "It's" a girl! The correct term would be "She's" a girl! Which also would make you seem like a complete airhead beings the moment you said "she" everyone knew she was a girl. So how about we just let people figure out her gender by her pink(ish) blue(ish) girl attire and durable, but not masculine yellow rubber boots. Alright? Thanks. Just protecting my niece.

Uncle General Jeremy

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