Monday, July 09. 12:26 pm.
8 lbs 1 oz.
21.25 inches tall.
Untitled, still.

Her Mother is an Amazon. Seriously. Beat up, not quite ready to rock+roll, but doing fine. If our daughter ends up ever looking half as beautiful as her her mum does right now, she'll be very fortunate.

As promised, I will be posting a "What I've Learned" column regularly. Not quite yet.

I am an extremely slow diaper changer.

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  1. Congratulations Joseph & Becca! I've been checking all of the Long MySpace pages for pics and updates, and finally here is some news! I knew something was happening from Jeremy's page and told Hannah yesterday that "Lanessa is going to be an auntie today. A baby is being born." Her eyes got very big and excited and she replied with great enthusiasm, "Ohhhhh! Are Joseph & 'Rebecca' going to be the parents?!" (She has a doll she has named Rebecca). So welcome to parenthood, and welcome Little Miss Long!!


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