Daughter Tardiness

Two days overdue. I have very patiently informed her this would be a terrific, very convenient weekend for her to arrive. But she's ignoring me. We'll have to work on the whole 'disobeying dad' thing.

She will have have a name other than "Daughter," probably. But we're not releasing it until she decides to show her face and we know for sure whether or not it works.

Uncle Matthew is still pushing hard for "Genghisina." Out of respect for him it is being carefully considered. He is also not opposed to "Brunhilde."

Uncle General Jeremy believes we could still have a boy. Which would be interesting, considering the closet full of dresses and knee-high coloured tights we've accumulated.

Thank you to those of you who have been inquiring about her and who care. To those who have not, and who do not care, well, fine. We won't let our Daughter talk to you. Ever.

Auntie Leanna has just stated that she is actually behind the "might still be a boy" idea.

Aunt Abby would like to state that she does not like to convey information via Bulletins, but that she is very excited to talk to Daughter in person. I've explained to her that babies don't just come out talking and that it will take at least 2-3 weeks until Daughter is able to articulately carry on a conversation.

Aunt Lanessa says hi to everyone and has been faithfully journaling and writing advice to her Niece, which will assembled and published in the next few months. Very, very poignant, witty, and hilarious. Just an early heads-up.

Uncle Jonny is traversing around Brazil. Although he has felt very guilty about missing his Niece's arrival, he wants everyone to know he is wearing an orange Speedo everywhere - EVERYWHERE - in honor of her imminent entrance. It's a very logical homage.



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